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Damaging Effects of Withholding Sex

Many women use sex as a tool to get what they desire from their partner. However, have you as women ever thought about you are saying to your partner when you withhold sex. In his mind, you are stating such things as: The dinner party, movie, etc… is more important to her than making love. She does not enjoy having sex with me I am not satisfying her Something is wrong with me, since she does not want to make love.

These are just a few of the things that begin to develop in your partner’s mind when you withhold sex. If every time you do not get your way, you withhold sex, your partner is going to wonder why you always have a reason that you do not wish to have sex. This is where you will begin to have marital problems. Soon, he will begin wondering if you have someone else, if he is inadequate in some way, and he may begin to believe that something is wrong with you. There are plenty of other women that would love having sex with him. All you have done is open the door for your partner to have health and psychological problems and possibly send him to the arms of another woman.

It is a proven fact that the human body needs sex and orgasms to maintain overall physical and mental health. Withholding sex for any reasons besides medical is detrimental to not only your partner’s health but yours as well.

Sex and orgasms relieve stress, reduce the risk of heart attacks for women, and reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Orgasms alone help our bodies fight off infection. Therefore, sex is an important part of not only a healthy relationship but also a healthy body and balanced mind.

Instead of withholding sex from your partner, learn to communicate. Your partner is not a child that deserves to be punished so severely that it can harm his overall health and well-being. Sex is a wonderful and magical way that two people show just how much they care for one another. Withholding sex is like saying that your love is dependent on whether he gives you what you want when you want it.

Maintaining a healthy sexual relationship is the cornerstone of a great marriage. If you would talk with couples, that have been married over twenty years or more, you would soon realize that sex is one thing that is never withheld, is enjoyed, and is often. Frequent sex will give your mind and body a healthy overhaul that it needs and you of course will feel better, feel loved, and enjoy life more.

Next time you think about withholding sex, think of the health risks that you are allowing such as heart attack and prostate cancer, not to mention the fact that you may be driving your partner away to someone waiting with open arms.

Orgasms and Their Health Benefits

Everyone enjoys sex and of course, the thrill of a volcanic orgasm. Many people as they get older do not put as much emphasis on sex as they once did in their younger years.They feel comfortable in their relationship and even have a hard time finding time to enjoy a romantic evening or even a quickie during their busy lives.

Orgasms especially are very important for everyone’s overall health, not just for gratifying their male ego. Physician Alfred Kinsey began releasing his studies on the sex life of men and women during the early 1950’s. These reports made him very famous in a short amount of time. However, the information that he released was more important than the study itself. In just one of the Kinsey reports, it was proven that sex reduces stress. This same report showed a huge difference in violence with the frequency of sex and orgasms. For people that enjoyed frequent sex and orgasms were less aggressive and less violent than individuals that seldom had sex. From this report, it was established that sex and orgasms do have a long-term effect of soothing the savage beast and helping have a healthy psychological balance.

Studies in later years have also shown that having frequent sex and orgasms lowers the death rate in men and women. In addition, sex lowers the risk heart attack for women. Sexually active couples tend to enjoy life more with fewer health problems than couples that are less active. Dudley Chapman, gynecologist believes the study by psychologists at Wilkes University that orgasms help our bodies fight off all types of infections. This could be one main reason that sexually active couples have fewer health problems.

A study was performed recently in Melbourne, Australia on ejaculation and prostrate cancer in men. Men between the ages of 20 and 50 were involved in this unique study. The study revealed that frequent ejaculation did decrease the frightening risk of prostate cancer. This study went on to explain that not only did the risk of prostate cancer decrease but frequent orgasms in men even prevented painful urination for men in their senior years. It was concluded from the study that ejaculation is very important for maintaining good prostate health and the avoidance of prostate problems in later years.

Sex and orgasms is a way for the body to release some of the stress and anxieties that we all have built up in our bodies through normal day-to-day activities. Whether is scientific proof or not, all you have to do is realize just how relaxed and peaceful you are after you have had an orgasms and you will soon realize that your body needed this break from reality. Our bodies were created to enjoy sex, not only for pleasure but also for our overall health. Without regular sex and orgasms, our bodies and minds suffer to the extent of physical illness and psychological problems.

A Larger Penis Boosts Psychological Health

From the first days of puberty and showers after physical education, boys begin to worry about the size of their penis. Older boys that are pretty endowed make fun of the younger boys that are just beginning to develop into manhood. However, this behavior does not necessarily stop when the boy is older. They still stand around and discuss aspects of their sexual life. Girls and boys, as teenagers, differ in the things they talk about when it comes to sex, men they look at the size of their penis and how far they got with their girlfriends. Girls look more to the romantic side, how cool, and good-looking their boyfriend is. Here come even more problems.

To be cool the guy he must be confident, if his penis is small, he has been teased because of it and he feels inferior he will not have the confidence he needs to attract girls. This mental state travels with the boy into manhood.

As a man, he still may feel inferior because of his small penis, or what he believes is a small penis because of past experiences. Women can tell a successful man with one glance, not because of his car, his clothing, or his looks but how he actually carries himself.

At this point, many men with a small penis may not be performing well in the romance department, but he may also be failing at work. Men in business can see if a man has less confidence in himself and many times, he is overlooked when it comes to promotions even when he is excellent at his job.

If any of this sounds familiar to you then maybe you should consider penis enlargement methods. A larger penis will give you the confidence you need to ask out the girl in the office or the one that works in the deli. You will no longer feel inferior to other men such as your boss; because you know that, he has nothing on you.

Remember, though, enlarging your penis does not mean you want to get one that is so long that it scares the ladies away you just desire one that is impressive in length say around 8 inches. Longer penises can in fact be uncomfortable to some women, especially small dainty ones. Their vaginas are not long enough for the penis to fit without hitting the uterus and this can become painful with all the thrusting.

Longer penises and ones with more girth with give you confidence, more stamina for a romp in the hay, more control over your ejaculation, longer love making sessions and in many cases please your lover more.

Leave depression, low self-esteem, and loneliness in the past and look toward your future with a penis enlargement method that will have you on the road of success in no time.

What is the Aging Male Syndrome?

As men get older, they begin to notice all kinds of changes with their bodies. Many have gained a few extra pounds around their waist, they are fatigued, and their interest in sex takes a nosedive.In the past, all this was attributed to the natural aging process. However, recent studies have shown that every one of the above symptoms is an indicator of a clinical deficiency brought on by abnormal low levels of testosterone which is referred to as Aging Male Syndrome.

As men age, their testosterone levels do lower, this is a gradually process that takes several years. It does however result in male hypogonadism, which is called Andropause. Yes, this is male menopause. It is not a myth; it is a real health problem for many men over the age of 40.

Symptoms of Andropause include low energy, loss of sex drive, problems with memory, and depression. As Andropause progresses many men begin to have other health problems such as osteoporosis, ill health, dementia, heart problems, circulatory problems and falls. Circulatory problems can lead to or actually contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you look at women as they enter into menopause and what happens to their bodies with lower estrogen levels you should be able to comprehend that men with lower testosterone levels will have similar health problems.

It is believed that Aging Male Syndrome could be the missing or hidden link for men’s overall health. It could be the contributing factor for several serious health conditions such as osteoporosis, depression, heart disease, and diabetes. Yes, every man as they age will begin to have lower testosterone levels, but many do not realize the difference between a natural decline and low testosterone levels. The low levels that are apparent with Aging Male Syndrome are real medical concerns for men.

In the United States, research on the effects of aging in males is way behind where it should be. This could be from the male ego that does not allow them to consider the fact that Andropause is in fact a real problem. The male ego keeps them thinking that all their problems, health and psychological, are just part of the normal aging process. Other countries have stepped up the pace and realized that both men and women go through an aging process that can lead to health problems and have done something to bring attention to the Aging Male Syndrome and Andropause. In Europe, the European Menopause Society recently changed their name to The European Menopause & Andropause Society. In Canada, they have an organization for men exclusively known as the Canadian Andropause Society. There are other organizations found in Australia and the United Kingdom, however, no such organization or society exist in the United States even though around ten million men in America are affected.

More should be done to give information to men across the country that their symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, tiredness, depression, weakness, and loss of sex drive could be due to low testosterone and could be treated.

Testicular Cancer

Cancer can attack any part of the body; lungs, stomach, reproductory organs and many other parts. A common form of cancer in men is testicular cancer. This is a cancer that occurs in the male sex glands in the scrotum. Testicles produce and store sperms while producing male hormones.

Testicular cancer is also known as germ cell tumor and is of two kinds - seminoma or nonseminoma. About 40% of testicular cancer are seminoma type and the other are divided into four sub-types; choriocarcinoma, teratoma, embryonal carcinoma and yolk sac tumors. The cancer can sometimes also be a combination of both cancers, and are called mixed germ-cell tumors.

Testicular cancer is prevalent in men aged between 15 and 35 and is more common in white men than Asians and blacks. The exact causes are still unknown, but there are various risk factors that can induce testicular cancer. Underdevelopment of testicles, Klinefelter’s syndrome where the man experiences sterility, small testes, breast enlargement and lesser male hormones and those who have had testicular cancer are all prone developing cancer on the other testicle in the 25 years after the attack.

There is nothing that can be done to prevent testicular cancer; the most that could be done is its early detection. Testicular self-exam is a great means of diagnosing testicular cancer; it is always better to test testicles immediately after bathing as this is when the scrotal sac is relaxed. The testicles have to be rolled between the forefinger and thumb for any signs of lumps.

Besides a lump, swelling in the testicles or some changes in the feel of the testicle are symptoms for testicular cancer. Accumulation of fluid in the scrotum or pain in the scrotum is also considered as symptoms of testicular cancer. Though these symptoms may signify other conditions, it is always better to have a physician evaluate the condition. Testicular cancer can also be diagnosed through ultrasound of the scrotum or a biopsy. Once testicular cancer is detected, treatment is rendered according to the extent of the condition.

Depending on whether testicular cancer is seminoma or nonseminoma, and its stage, is its treatment determined. All treatments involve the removal of the affected testicle. However, as this can affect fertility and sexuality, this has to be discussed with the family. With the removal of a testicle, the other testicle is capable of producing sperms and an erection so that it is possible to father a child.

However, any other surgery, radiation and chemotherapy also affect sperm production and ejaculation. So the treatment should be discussed before adapting it. In nonseminomas, the lymph nodes are also removed to find out the extent of tumor spread. However, this is not necessary in seminomas as CT scans provide sufficient information.

Radiation is preferable for seminomas, and not for nonseminomas as they are not sensitive to radiation. When giving radiation, the remaining testicle is usually shielded to prevent radiation reaching it as this may hamper its ability in producing sperms. Though sperm count may reduce after radiation, it returns to normal in a few years of treatment.

Chemotherapy is administered after surgery through injections or orally to kill any tumor cells there may be in the body. Whatever the treatment adapted, it is necessary to have follow up testing because there is always the chance of a recurrence of a second tumor. There are different follow up testing routines to be adapted; it all depends on the case.

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Just starting out – advice for penis enlargement beginners

Once in a while, there comes a time in everybody’s life when one is the “new guy”. This has probably never been more true than in today’s culture that seems focused on trying as many exotic things as possible. That’s why the Internet is full of FAQs, blogs and all manner of websites dispensing hints and tips for various pastimes or hobbies. So let me add another item to the growing pile with this short list of advice for men just starting out on penis enlargement.

The first thing that you should keep in mind when starting your
penis enlargement program is that you need to put your willpower behind this. Just like everything else, penis enlargement works, but only if you actually stick to it. If you aren’t quite sure about the whole thing, then you haven’t thought it through. Don’t start on something just to find out two weeks later that it bores the hell out of you. Penis enlargement works only if you strive to take the pills on time, do the exercises right or perform whatever it is required of you in a correct fashion.

Bone up on knowledge. Yes, you got that right. Just like everything else (I never tire of this phrase), you need to know as much as possible about penis enlargement. This is the best way to see where others have failed and to understand what is it you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It’s also the only way to find out what penis enlargement techniques work and if some people are trying to sell you products that don’t do anything.

Before your first pill, exercise or traction session, measure your penis with a ruler. Don’t exaggerate! This is something you aren’t going to show to anybody else, unless you want to, and there’s no reason to lie to yourself. If you exaggerate now, you won’t be able to correctly identify gains in the future, which usually leads to demotivation and failure. And don’t measure yourself too often. Once every four or six weeks is enough to show you how much you’ve gained.

Especially since results don’t come overnight. Don’t expect results to appear soon and don’t be disappointed when they’re late. Just stay the course and you’ll reach your goal. It may take a month or more for the first gains to show up. The penis is tissue and not muscle. Whereas muscles are fast in growing in size in response to a genuine need, the penis is simply tissue and it takes much longer to force tissue to expand.

If you’re interested in good results and safe enlargement, you could join the PenisHealth program of penis enlargement exercises. PenisHealth exercises come with detailed explanations, photos and videos in order to make sure that you perform the exercises correctly every time. Coupled with the Mens-Network forum, PenisHealth is a wealth of information which would benefit you for years to come, if you pay close attention. This is simply an unbeatable combination.

Penis enlargement routines are usually preceded and followed by warm up and down sessions. It’s important that you do not skip these sessions. They help get your penis ready for a good workout and for the healing and rebuilding process that follows exercises. Warm up sessions decrease the risk of injuries, while warm down helps the penis to heal faster.

You should also remember that there are no set routines. Feel free to experiment with the exercises and find out what works for you. Long time forum members can tell you about their own routines and teach you what works best. All you need to do is ask for help and people won’t say no. Veterans are always willing to share with beginners what they’ve learnt in months and years of penis enlargement.

Experimentation and expert advice are the bes
t way to aximize your gains and help your penis enlarge faster. Just make sure you are always careful and not rushing into anything. Nobody wants injuries to spoil the party.

When does big become ‘too big’?

I’ve yet to meet a man who thinks that his penis is big enough. Of course, I know that hypothetically such men exist. I’ve read forum postings from men who say: “Oh, I don’t need extra inches”. Still, I haven’t actually met a member of this rare breed. All the men I know want to increase their penises, even though they are unlikely to openly admit their dream or discuss the issue. Despite recent scientific advances which have made penis enlargement far easier than before, men are still reluctant to discuss penis size. Unless they can back their bragging up with a truly massive member. In that case, bragging becomes habitual and very annoying.

We’re living in the age of big things. Big planes, big buildings, big trucks. Big penises. Everybody can join the trend and pick one of the many methods to enlarge his penis. This is a pretty normal thing to do for a man with a small penis. What I really don’t understand is when men sporting six or even seven-inch penises are interested in penis enlargement. Nothing and no one has the right to prevent a man from enlarging his penis, but if he’s already big enough why on earth would he want to be even bigger. In theory, the only limit on penis size is the body’s capacity to keep lengthening the tissues in question. In practice, however, men should take a minute to think that many, if not most, women cannot easily accommodate a penis longer than 8 inches.

Even 8 inches is a bit big for a lot of women, but a penis this size can still be used with ease. Above 8 inches in length, the penis turns into some sort of fashion or power statement. There’s no practical use for anything above 8 inches, unless the owner chances himself upon a really tall lady who happens to have a longer than usual vagina. While the vagina can stretch to accommodate most penis sizes, an 8-inch penis can be a genuine threat to the uterus. Trust me, the repeated bashing of the cervix by the penis head is not on any woman’s “Things I’d like to experience” list. Moreover, vaginal orgasm is not achieved by deep penetration of the vagina. The most sensitive part of the vagina is a 4-inch stretch of tissue located at the vagina’s entrance.

So, as you can see, it’s a good idea to know when enough is enough. Trying to go the extra mile and get that 10-inch penis is a feat of willpower, but there’s no practical purpose to it. There’s little pleasure in being hurt by the penetrating penis, so many women will refuse to have sex with a man who’s too well endowed, while others will insist on being very careful. Frankly, the last thing on my mind when I’m all undressed and ready to go is to be careful.

The Penis Enlargement Market Today

The penis enlargement market has fallen under a new sign: development. From a small and much maligned niche market, penis enlargement is now moving at full speed toward mainstream acceptance. Widespread prosperity and the possibility of living a more successful life with just a little effort have convinced thousands of men to seek solutions to a problem that older generations did not discuss or openly acknowledge. However, the times have changed and the taboos of yesteryear are no longer in force. Men have simply chosen to spend time and money in order to get more pleasure out of their sex lives.

Over the years, the range of penis enlargement products available for sale has exploded. From the old-fashioned and dull pumps and weights and on to the modern traction devices and enlargement pills, various products have been invented in order to respond to various needs. Since not all men are comfortable with penis enlargement pills, enterprising investors have launched male enhancement patches. Pumps have been largely replaced by traction devices, while weights and exercises have their own niche markets. As you can see, there’s something for everybody on the penis enlargement market.

Surgery is still a controversial issue. The high cost of penis enlargement surgery keeps it out of reach of most men for which improving a satisfactory sex life is not worth the effort of raising thousands of dollars. More so when surgery comes bundled with a host of nasty hazards, such as impotence, scarring and loss of feeling in the penis. Another significant issue is the fact that surgical procedures like the injection of fat have to be performed again and again since fat is absorbed back by the body, while injected silicone tends to migrate to other parts of the body. These factors combined have convinced men to look for cheaper and safer penis enlargement opportunities.

Men are far more interested today in how they look and how they perform in bed. They want to learn new ways of pleasing their partners and to increase their dating and sex chances. This is one of the reasons men turn to penis enlargement techniques and a very good one. There is no need to talk about feelings of insecurity and anxiety in order to find out why men want larger penises. Suffice to say that men want to look good and that they love to see that special look on their partners’ faces when the pants come off. A well-endowed man commands the respect of women and men alike and this is what every man wants to see: respect.

As the penis enlargement market moves into the mainstream, more and more men will stop being embarrassed about their penis size and will have no problem to openly discuss size and ways of improving it. Penis enlargement is certain to become an accepted topic, mainly because of the large number of men who are satisfied with the results obtained from enlargement products and techniques. Beyond all advertisements and hype, results are the only thing that matter and your best reason to join the growing penis enlargement movement.

Psychological benefits of a bigger penis

The face of a man is usually an open book to most women. They can read practically anything in our faces. I’ve known ladies who could tell if the size of my penis, bank account and sex life by taking only one look at me. Of course, the look was followed by the lady’s departure in the opposite direction to where I was standing. Failure always leaves a mark on your face, just like success does. And women can read those marks awfully well. It’s even worse when you have a small penis and failure tends to follow failure in a pattern that grows bigger every day.

The first thing women notice about a man is his confidence level. A stoop-shouldered man with a downcast look has very little chance of actually getting a date from a decently-looking lady. On the other hand, a broad-chested guy with a confident look in his eyes and a swagger in his step is sure to catch the eye of most women. He may not get every single pretty babe, but he’ll sure as hell be noticed by each and every one. And trust me, nothing gives a man more confidence than a big penis. A man who knows that the schlong dangling in his pants is big enough to satisfy any woman walks around with an “I don’t have a care in the world” kind of aura. And women notice that

You can bet your life that women notice that. Women don’t care a lot what a man says, since most men have little to say that interests a woman. But they pay strict attention to the subtle signs in a man’s attitude. Women think: “If he looks confident, then there must be something about him that makes him so confident. This could be interesting”. And a big penis is your ticket to that show of confidence that is not an act or a sham, but the real thing. Are you suffering from low-confidence and anxiety? Are you afraid that women may look down on you? Then penis enlargement is the solution for you. The minute you stop worrying, it’s their turn to be anxious.

A big penis has a lot of benefits and no downsize that I can think of. Well, maybe if you decide to increase your penis size to 9 or 10 inches; that would be a problem. But if you stick to a nice 8 inches, then you’ll reap all the juicy benefits. Increased confidence, increased stamina in bed, increased control of your ejaculation, longer sex sessions and more pleasure for you and the lady, all these can be yours. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem have no chance against a big penis and rock-hard erections that last much longer than before. Women will be impressed by the hefty dick that just keeps going and men will eye the bulge in your pants with envy. Now that’s what I call turning the tables!

General advice on penis enlargement

And men have struggled to find a solution for this, just like in the case of any other problem. A small penis size does not have to be a problem for long because there is something men can do to change the situation. Penis enlargement is not exactly a new thing. In one form or another, it has been around for centuries wherever men felt the need to enlarge their penises. Today, thousands of men resort to penis enlargement products or services, especially since modern science has done a good job proving and disproving some of the techniques, as well as allowing for a more systematic approach.

However, any man just starting out wants to know a few things. Although the theory is pretty simple, one can’t just going into the bathroom to exercise or strap a traction device on in the middle of the living room. There are a hundred questions any newbie would like to ask the veterans about how penis enlargement works, what accessories are needed and how long should enlargement sessions be. These are all details, but very important details. These are little problems almost everybody faces on day one of the penis enlargement program.

The first advice any veteran will give to a new comer is to have patience. Of course, nobody likes to be patient and to be told that results won’t show for a couple of weeks. It’s hard to stay motivated when days go by and you have nothing to show for your efforts. Still, persistence pays off and those who have the strength to carry on with the program will find that results do come in time. Keep in mind that tissue needs time to grow and that many people experience growth spurts and plateaus and that you just need to be patient.

Plateaus happen every now and then to almost every man who’s engaged in penis enlargement. Those who are trying to enhance their penis through exercises should simply change their routines. If an exercise doesn’t seem to bring gains anymore, replace it with another exercise. There is no set program; every user is free to come up with his own routine and to experiment with exercises until he finds what’s best for himself.

Some beginners are impatient and think that having more than one penis enlargement session per day would help gains happen faster. However, more than one penis enlargement session per day will simply exhaust the tissues without rushing things up. In this case, it’s the intensity and regularity that counts because doing a routine more than once per day is not as good as doing it once, but very intense. The tissues need time to recover and grow in size, just like muscles need time after a gym session. Overtraining is never recommended.

This category of questions also includes the dilemma of whether longer stretching is better than more repetitions. Frankly, this is mostly a question of whatever works for individuals and not a general rule that can be applied to everyone. Experiment with longer stretching and more reps and see what’s best for you. If more reps do the trick, then go for more reps.

Another problem faced by beginners and old timers alike is the fact that pubic hair gets in the way of both exercises and the use of traction devices. There’s always the fear of inadvertently pulling hair and some men feel they can’t get a good grip on the base of the shaft because of the hair. Well, penis enlargement requires certain sacrifices from users and my advice is to clip the hair short or to shave it altogether. No sense in struggling through a session because of the hair.

And it’s not only hair that gets in the way. The penis is not a precision tool that can be set to achieve partial erections on demand, which is why men sometimes find themselves fully erect and unable to perform exercises that require only a partial erection. The only way of dealing with this is to focus on something else (read a magazine that does not contain porn or a book, watch TV, think about financial problems) and to wait for the erection to subside.

A big mistake that many inexperienced users make is to measure their penises too often. Frequent measuring is unlikely to show big gains and can undermine the motivation of a man engaged in penis enlargement. Since results do come in time, men should not measure their penis more than once every four or five weeks. This may seem to be a long time to wait for results, but less than four weeks is not enough time for tissues to increase in size in a visible manner.

One of the controversial issues that had the penis enlargement community arguing is the issue of ejaculation after workout sessions. Some penis enlargement aficionados have argued that testosterone levels drop sharply after ejaculation, which may hurt gains, while others have said that ejaculation is the hallmark of a healthy sex life, which is, after all, the purpose of penis enlargement. At present, there is no certain way of telling whether ejaculation has a big impact on gains or not.

This issue goes hand in hand with the question of having sex immediately after a workout. It is generally advisable to let at least an hour pass between the end of your workout and sex in order to allow the penis tissues to heal and rebuild before flooding them with blood again. Also, enlargement sessions exhaust the penis and it’s not a good idea to subject it to a second round of physically intensive activity in such a short period of time.

One question that crops up every now and then in the minds of curious newbies is whether drinking water increases penis size or not. The answer is: no, not exactly. If drinking water alone could increase the size of limbs, then one could also gain inches in height or girth at the end of a single day. Hydration helps clean the body as toxins and other substances that cannot be used are dumped into the kidneys and sent out through urine. A body free of toxins is a healthier body and is able to heal itself faster, but that’s about as far as it goes. Simply drinking water cannot increase your penis size.

PC flexes are a popular exercise among the penis enlargement crowd and a very effective one, too. Newbies often wonder if flexes should be performed fast and furious or slow and cool. However, there is no big difference between the two approaches. Going slow will help build resistance to prolonged effort, while the fast approach will help the muscle get used to intense exertion. It all depends on what you’re looking for: short term intensity or stamina.

An interesting way of helping the flow of blood and the healing process in tissues is to use a device known as the Ring of Power. This ring causes a flow of electricity around the base of the penis and testicles in order to stimulate cellular activity, testosterone production and blood flow. If you’re planning to get one, keep in mind that such devices do not work in the same manner for everyone. Also keep in mind that your penis skin may not like the contact with zinc or copper. Some users have reported unpleasant rashes.

Prudence is actually a good rule of the thumb for every product that does not come with the endorsement of a professional doctor. Don’t rush in to try every new idea out there because you may regret it. Let others try new products and read what they have to say about them. If the new products sound too good to be true, they may actually be that way. Always be careful when it comes to your health. Stay safe!

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